From zero to hero! And without leaving the comfort of your home.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed all the free content on this website so far! And in case you`ve decided you want more – you can opt for On-line classes.

In this way I can offer you a complete guidance through the whole process of learning.

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  • You know your teacher. This whole place is a product of my experience and passion for language teaching! PLUS, you can see what my students have to say about my classes.
  • On-line classes save you time and money on transport.
  • Anywhere can be your classroom: your home, office or even a hotel while travelling!
  • The classes will be designed specifically for what you need. A certification exam or just general English.
  • The classes are one-to-one, so you learn much more than in group classes

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What do I need?

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  • Access to an Internet Connection
  • Headphones and a microphone. A webcam is not really necessary, but through my classes I’ve discovered that it greatly helps to keep the class more dynamic and enjoyable.
  • A free skype account (get it in


What courses can I take?

Whatever your motivation might be – getting a certification to make your CV more attractive, improving your chance to catch job opportunities, meeting new people or being comfortable when travelling around the world!

The Price and Payment Methods

Once you’ve decided to take up the classes with me, let me know your schedule and your goal.  Once we agree on a time when we can have our first 1 – hour free class. There, I will evaluate you and you will be able to ask any question you want about the future routine of the classes.

After that, the price will be of 20€/hour and the payment will be done through PayPal prior to the class.

What is your method?

As you can see, this whole website is based on the interaction with English students from all over the world. My teaching method is just as personalised to what the student needs. Whether it is some Certification Exam, Business English or just general English – I will design the classes so that you can get there.

Our interaction is not limited to our class hours. Your homework (aside from the one that will come directly from the lesson material) will also be offered, so that your progress is not limited when you’re not in class. Extra reading, vocabulary, listening and writing material – everything you might need.

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